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Vivo Y95 Smartphone – Full Specification | Review | Price in India




Vivo Y95 Smartphone: The two good things about the smartphone Vivo Y95. This phone is that it comes with a hack display. It is a water drop steam launch and the second is that it comes with a 20-megapixel selfie camera. So it is really a selfie-centered smartphone but comes with a six-point screen size.

Vivo Y95 – Full Specification

Let’s take a look at that two-inch full-view display. The battery of the smartphone is also 4000mAh Bebo has not yet disclosed. But they are just the right price. It is expected to cost around fifteen thousand rupees so this is the first box. we have a SIM ejector tool that contains some important information.

The Vivo Y95 smartphone packs 64GB of interior warehousing that may be extended. To the extent the cameras are concerned, the Vivo Y95 packs a 13-megapixel essential camera. And the 2-megapixel optional camera on the back and a 20-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

Best Vivo Y95 Smartphone Experience

Firstly the charger bundled with the phone is now a 5-volt 2-ampere charger which means that the product of 10 watts is not really a The next one is the phone. Take it out on your own so that you have the Nebula Purple phone in two colors black and purple and we have the purple color.

fast charger, we have a micro USB cable which is good quality but not really lengthy and we have also integrated earphones like you.

Best Devices Into Build

We probably bundle most of their smartphones just like they do with the iPhone The sound quality is good, there is also an inline microphone which is also a button to call or to cancel, even when the phone will now power up.

And you see the full specs of the Vivo Y95 [music] If you wander around the phone, you find that there is a 3.5mm headphone jack with the primary microphone on the micro USB port, and on the bottom and the top, you are the speaker grill I see there is no secondary microphone to cancel the sound.

The dual camera is mounted with a single LED flash and fingerprint scanner, and to the right, we have the Olyuma button lock and key, and if we look upon such Haptic they are now.

Best Body composition

The SIM tray has triple slots so you can increase the storage as well as add two SIM cards at the same time. If I look at the design of the smartphone, it is not surprising that when it comes to building quality, it has a plastic back and it looks very shiny and glossy.

Best Body-Vivo-Y95-smartphone

It reflects more on what it does, but the color scheme of Vivo You really like the dual gradient so you see a red tone at the bottom then I say you go up the phone becomes purple The phone is not as lightweight slim as the V11 Pro but it is very ergonomic however start the smartphone and I realize that the phone is still a phone.

One-handed is still very usable with a 6.2 2-inch display, despite the fact that you get a lot of display Mpekta form factor to get the best part of the show, the performance is still in 720p resolution, which is not good for its 1080p screen you get at this price.

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