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What Is Internet and Types of Internet Connection?



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If you do not know anything about the Internet, then you are reading the right article. Friends, if we want to know about the Internet, it is important to know the Internet? and how many types of internet connection.

Let’s know about all these in detail

What Is Internet?

Internet is a huge network that connects all the computers in the world easily. Any information in the world, we can communicate and share via the Internet. With the help of the Internet, people can send or receive information easily in any country, or in the states.

Let’s know how many internet connection types are there

How Many Types of Internet Connection?

We must have read or heard about the Internet somewhere. Internet network is required to run the internet. He is connected to Internet computers. With this help, we can work from anywhere and share or receive our information.

Let’s know the types of Internet connection

1. Internet Dial-Up Connection / PSTN Connection

When the Internet service in a computer is connected to a telephone line with the help of a modem. So where does that dial-up connection go, or PSTN means public service telephone network connection?

In the dialog connection, a temporary connection is made between the IP server and the computer. This connection is very cheap compared to other connections. And the data used in this connection is measured in Kbps and Mbps.

Dial-up connections have mostly been used in the 19th century because the Internet was not much used then.

2. ISDN Connection

ISDN connection (Integrated Service Digital Network) has the highest speed as compared to a dial-up connection. An ISDN connection is an expensive Internet connection type. But in this connection, we can do a better job. This connection was beginning to be used more by the Internet.

3. Leased Line Connection

Leased Line Connection was one of the most important connection types in the Internet revolution, this connection remains connected to IP servers, such as dial up and ISDN.

But due to its speed being higher than both, it started being used in the government office and private office. This is an expensive connection type.

4. Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Connection

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Internet connection is also known as Geosynchronous Satellite. Because such connections are connected to the Geo-Synchronous Satellite.

These types of connections are mostly used in more important departments like telecommunications and information services.

With the help of a VSAT connection, we can easily exchange information in the telecom center through the Hub. This is an expensive connection service.

5. Internet Broadband Connection

Broadband connections, like Dial UP and ISDN, are connected to the computer via a telephone modem. But it is an expensive and fast internet service compared to both.

Communication has become very easy in the Internet world. With this internet connection, social media became more used.

Four types of services are provided in this connection.

  1. Digital subscriber line (DSL)
  2. Cable modem
  3. Fiber Optic
  4. Broadband over power line

6. Wireless Internet Connection (Wi-Fi)

In the connection of the above five types mentioned above, the device was connected by modem. Due to it being a wireless internet connection, no modem or wire is used.

These connections are sent through a radio frequency to the device. Here a limited range area is covered in connection types. This is a drawback of it.

7. Satellite Internet Connection

This is a high-speed connection type. which the internet is delivered to the device via satellite. Due to this connection being wireless, we can use it easily.

8. Mobile Internet Connection

The mobile Internet connection has been used maximum in 20 centuries. This connection type telecom service provider companies are connected to the user internet connection through their different plans.

There is a fixed data plan in such a connection. This type of connection remains connected to devices like mobile and tab. With this connection, we can use data, and can easily do our work.

What is connectivity?

Connectivity is the process of connecting any device with the help of the internet. We can connect mobile, computer or any other device through internet only using connectivity.

Connectivity is very important to get the facility of internet. Due to lack of internet connectivity, we cannot do our work on mobile or computer.

Working of INTERNET using SERVERS By SidTalk

Do You Know This

1. What is the ISDN full form?

Ans:  ISDN stand for Integrated Service Digital Network.

2. Which is the best internet service provider company?

Ans:  The best internet service provider is Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone Idea, Act Fiber net, Reliance Jio Etc.

3. What type of network is the internet?

Ans:  WAN (Wide Area Network) is the best example to connected world computers together.


Friends, I hope that you have received a lot of information on what the internet is and how it is internet connection types this article. And we will continue to give such important information even further. So share this website as much as possible and increase your knowledge.

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