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Which is the difference between a computer and a laptop?



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Nowadays, because of everything being online in the era of technology, it has become very easy to buy anything. We can buy online from our technical devices such as phones, computers, and laptops, etc. If we want to buy computers and laptops, there are many online e-commerce websites available.

According to my, there is not much difference between a computer and a laptop because both work the same. But technically, from the point of view, computer desktops are mostly used in the home. And more use of a laptop is done in-home as well outside, such as traveling.

Before buying a computer or laptop, it is very important to know what is the difference between the two. Come on, in this post we know it well

What is a Desktop Computer?

Most of the computer are also called personal computer. This computer is fixed on a desk or table, that’s why it can also be called a desktop computer. This computer is mostly for home use.

What is a Desktop Computer

Desktop computer are also called traditional computer. And it is made from different components, such as motherboard, CPU, CD drive, keyboard, mouse, and monitor Etc.

Above we have learned about desktop computers, let’s know about laptops now.

What is a laptop?

An updated version of a desktop computer is called a laptop. The components of a laptop should not be different, but they are assembled simultaneously.

What is a laptop

In this, the mouse, keyboard and monitor are fixed in a single device. Most laptop are used while traveling outdoors. The laptop is a movable device. The laptop has a battery in-built.

A big difference between desktop computers and laptops is that the desktop is larger in size and the laptop is smaller in size. A laptop is like the size of a notebook, so we can take the laptop anywhere.

Friends, we know what is the difference between a desktop computer and a laptop, so let’s know something new.

Do You Know This?

1. Which was the first laptop made in the world?

✅ The Toshiba T1100 became the world’s first laptop.

2. What is the name of the company that made the first laptop?

✅ The Toshiba company made the world’s first laptop.

3. Which man invented the laptop?

Adam Osborne invented the laptop.

Significant Difference Between Computer and Laptop

Mainly, computer and laptop both have the same function. But due to many factors, the difference is found in them.

Some of the factors below affect computer and laptop.

1. Factor of Price:

If we buy a computer or laptop online or offline, we will get a computer easily from 20000 to 25000 rupees. But if you buy a laptop, then you get 25000 to 35000 rupees. This makes sense that the computer is lower in price factor than the laptop.

2. Factor of Portability:

Due to the laptop size being smaller than the computer, we can take it out anywhere. But due to a lot of external components, it is very difficult to move a computer from one place to another. Therefore, a laptop is a very easy Portability Factor compared to a computer.

3. Factor of Screen Size:

According to my, we can buy the screen size of a computer as compared to a laptop. It is called a monitor. But due to the screen size of the laptop being fixed, it is impossible to change it, so it is very easy and fast to use a desktop computer.

4. Factor of Functioning:

In the Functioning Factor, the desktop is considered to be the easiest and fastest compared to the laptop, because in the desktop we can add CPU, RAM, high-definition graphic card and professor according to us.

It is already fixed on the laptop, due to which we cannot update it. This facility is only available on desktop computers, so most people use a desktop computer for video editing, gaming, and a lot of high-definition works.

5. Factor of Repairing:

  1. The most important factor in this post is repairing. Desktop computers can be repaired in a much easier way than laptops. The only reason for this is that, in a desktop computer, all the components are different. And it can be repaired and used again, and the cost is also very less.

Laptop devise It is expensive in comparison to the computer in price and many factors. All components are fixed in the laptop, due to which, if one component is to be repaired, then we have to give the whole laptop to repair. And because of this, the expenses also come very high.

What Did We Learn in This Article?

I hope you will help a lot with this post. In this, you have been selected the difference between a desktop computer and a laptop. Which can make it very easy for you to take a decision.

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